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my savings for the future. Why does this need so many words, huh? Empty my savings for the future. Why does this need so many words, huh?

on Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:47 pm
Name: You are what you eat

Ability: - the body of the one with this quirk possesses two different kinds of pores. The first type is found in the mouth, in palms and in the soles, and are capable of consuming any organic matter without problem, and even rock and metals. What is consumed is quickly spread through the body and is gradually released by the second type of pores, found everywhere that the first type isn´t. This creates a layer of hardened skin, organs and hair similar to the layer of a matrioska doll, gaining +1 stamina. These layer has the appearance of an insect´s exoskeleton. The layers can be shed and reput at any time, provided they were not overly damaged. Also, because regardless of what was used to create them, the layers are always organic, they can be consumed at any time by anyone (eaten), increasing the physical ability and energy of the one doing so. Consuming flesh directly from an ally allows a layer to be quikcly developed, once per hour at most.

*can only eat materials that go up to 1 rank above the control rank

*while the layers are created around the original body as if growth, they are not actually the body nor does the body actually grow past a certain age. This means that the actual body still needs nutrition regularly, just in very small amounts or with larger spans of time between meals. In addition, because layers fall off if overly damaged, the central body could be exposed, reducing the stamina stat by 1.

*depending on the user´s control, one can have 3 layers (D rank), 5 layers (C rank), 7 layers (D rank) and so on...

*the creation of layers can only happen periodically (2 weeks for the fastest ones, 3 months on average, 5 years for the slowest possible) or if consuming flesh from a living creature that is willing

*a shed layer can be used by an enemy

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