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Title: Three-Quarters of a mug of Siegbrau
Author: Iudex Mortem
Rating: T+

The sound of thunder rattled the windows of Drangleic Castle in their frames, the lightning illuminated each room it a burst of brilliant white light. Rain struck the windows like arrows. Some of the inhabitants of the castle hadn't gotten much sleep due to the storms fierce pounding. Outside, the courtyard started to resemble a lake.

In one of the rooms, Raime the Fume Knight awoke with a jolt, he could have sworn he heard the sound of his sibling Raiven crying in the next room over. That wasn't possible as she slept over the other side of the castle with the rest of the women. Sighing slightly he turned over and went back to sleep, pulling his blanket over his head to deaden the sounds of the storm.

Across the castle, two young knights were shivering in their room. A ballista bolt had blown their bedroom window out just a few days beforehand. The paneless window was now inviting the driving winds and howling rain into the room, soaking into the rugs and flecking the two suits of armour with drips.

"Aspen, we should move to the dining hall. The fire will be roaring, it will be warmer" one of the girls whispered, her chestnut hair clinging to her face as it was whipping around in the wind.

She tugged on the other girl's hand that trailed from beneath the blanket "I am soaking wet because of the window. I do not want to catch a cold, Aspen"

The other knight shook her head "No no, don't make me. It's scary out there" Her pale fingers ensnared Raiven's hand "Don't leave me, Rai"

Raiven sighed "It is dark. I do not like it. I am going to the hall now" With that she broke free of her friend's grasp and walked across the shiny dark planks that made up the bedroom floor to the heavy oak door. Heaving it open she slipped through the gap and into the dark hallway. Flitting down the hallway Raiven moved towards the wide staircase. When she reached the bottom of the staircase she stepped amongst the tables towards the roaring fire.

Crossing her legs in front of her Raiven sat in front of the fire, warming her icy hands in the warm aura radiating from it. A voice behind her startled her from her dream like state.

"Lady Darktower, I did not expect to see you down here, forgive me, I thought I would be alone and you would be asleep"

Turning to look at the speaker she smiled "Sir Velstadt what brings you here. My bedroom window is broken and it is too cold to sleep in there, Lady Von Hallen refuses to leave, though"

Noticing the puddle forming around his armoured feet she gestured to a spot on the floor next to her "Come, warm yourself by the fire" With a clank of metal Velstadt settled by the fire with a sigh. Reaching into his bag he pulled out a bottle and two flasks "Try this Lady Darktower, It's a foreign brew known as Siegbrau, it's supposed to expel the cold from the body" He poured the strange, steaming liquid into the flasks.

Raiven took her flask, wrapping her fingers around it to steady the cup "Thank you Sir Velstadt" Lowering her head she took a sip from the flask, feeling the warmth seep into her bones "It is very nice, almost like a spiced Estus" Velstadt chuckled heartily and patted her on her shoulder. She drank some more, feeling sleepy now that she was warm and comfortable. Maybe, just maybe she could curl up now and sleep. Raiven's head dipped down and her eyes closed.

Velstadt must have noticed as he cleared his throat, waking the young knight

"Lady Darktower, would you let me escort you to your brother's room?"

Nodding, the much younger knight hid a yawn and rose to her feet. Together they traversed the halls of the ancient stone castle until they came to the Fume Knight's room.

Raiven shook her brother on the shoulder "Wake up you lug" When Raime refused to stir Raiven gave the most adorable huff possible before walking around the bed and wriggling into her brother's arms, much like she did when she was a toddler. Raime pressed his nose to the top of her head and snored. Seeing her safe with Raime, Velstadt smiled and left the room, Raiven could hear him banging down the corridor, singing drunkenly about the Kirins of the north in a very off tune and slurred manner. It was no secret in Drangleic Castle that Velstadt could not hold his alcohol, no matter how hard he tried

" Bludolf the blue nosed fuckdeer had a very spiky coat

and if you ever saw him, you'd even say he floats.

To all of you Kirins , I really want to fill you full of lead

I really wish poor Bluedolf was totally fucking dead.

Then one day in Elum Loyce,

Alva had enough

she set out to have a munch

Oh kirins of Elum Loyce,

you're gonna die tonight"

The song ended with a loud crash and a shouted curse as Velstadt walked into a suit of armour, bringing it down on top of him, Raiven giggled quietly at Velstadt's antics, he was pretty funny in her opinion when he got drunk. Closing her eyes Raiven fell deeply asleep.

The next morning it was still raining but, for once, the thunder had stopped. Together the Darktower siblings made their way down for breakfast at the high table. Velstadt, on the other hand, was sat, nursing a massive hangover, at the end of the table.

One of the servants tried to take his empty plate away only to be sworn at by the Aegis. Raime snickered and whispered to his sister "How much did he have to drink last night?" He grinned a wolfish grin at her, which she returned with equal enjoyment at Velstadt's suffering.

"Only three-quarters of a mug of Siegbrau"

AN: Bluedolf the Blue Nosed fuckdeer is a tribute to the Kirins of Elum Loyce, sung (well supposed to be) to the tune of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
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I don't know if they celebrate Christmas in Drangleic, but that's the beauty of fanfiction. No limitations. I don't have much to comment on the OC, but the story does have a jolly feel to it, which is a stark contrast to the gloom and doom of Dark Souls.

You're writing has improved from what I remember of it, so that's a good thing too. A few missing grammatical things here and there, but we all miss things.
Iudex Mortem
I thought Siegbrau would be the equivalent of a festive drink. Thank you for the review Aquila. (Plus I had to write Velstadt as a drunk)
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