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World of Glss [Pokemon RP] Empty World of Glss [Pokemon RP]

on Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:06 am



A dark evil from the past has reawakened and threatens to sunder the fragile peace. A hero must emerge to protect the citizens, and prevent the region from plunging forever into darkness. Will you arise to the challenge?

Character Submissions

OC and Canon

Number of players needed

3 min

To join

Express interest by replying to the thread! When the RP begins, interest posts will be deleted.

Additional Info

This will be provided through the journal post

Length of IC post

More than one sentence, but preferably nothing over four


1. No bunnying or godmodding

2. You can't kill other players

3. You can't change your class

4. Choose your magic wisely - you can't change it

5. Try not to cheat on the Random Number Generator

6. This is a turn-based RP. I will post first, then all participating players will respond

7. You may not control NPCs


Lance, Cyrus and Gary - AquilaTempestas [host characters]

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World of Glss [Pokemon RP] Empty Re: World of Glss [Pokemon RP]

on Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:31 am
Sounds good to me, count me in!
I think I know who I'll be
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