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Laes -?- (Balanced Version, Condensed Version, Unfinished) Empty Laes -?- (Balanced Version, Condensed Version, Unfinished)

on Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:29 pm
General Informations

First name: Laes.
Middle name: None/Unknown.
Last name: Unknown.
Age: 17.
Gender: Male.
Sexual orientation: Physically, mostly females, very rarely by males. Emotionally, almost none.
Race: Hooman.

Visual Description
161cm in length, and weighs 58kg. He has brown eyes, yet blue hairs (R59 G146 B191), which reach a bit bellow his shoulders, unstyled due to losing his hair pins and bands. He is thin, and not muscular. His clothes cover his whole body; His pants are sky blue, with white lines extending on his sides from the bottom to top of the pants. The jacket extends those white lines up to 3/5 of the jacket, which then makes both sides converge to his neck. His shirt is sky blue too with a white line extending from top to bottom at the middle, and a white circle of about 2cm thickness and 9cm in diameter on the back side. His shoes are also white blue with white strips.

Powers & Abilities

Strengths: Laes has though skin, very hard flesh and bones, as well as high endurance. His low weight and short body also helps in mobility and energy saving. He is comfortable in using a sword, but he fights in a defensive fashion mainly to stall, as he does not intend to hurt others. His sword, while not being edgy, is said to be undeformable under most extreme conditions, ranging from extreme heat to a force equivalent to a mountain's weight. He has some talent as a magician. He also has a passive ability - Second Soul, which would fully and instantly recover him right before he would die. Then, Leas' soul takes over so his soul could recover. His elemental affinity then changes to Leas', which is aqua/water. While using her soul, he would have rather free mobility as well as partial respiration in water.

Weaknesses: Low power, as well as having no experience in magic casting. Since his sword is not edgy, he does not have many means to hurt others. His soul would take 30 to 40 days to recover from Second Soul, on top of requiring 7 to 10 days for his soul to get back where it belongs. If Laes would receive a fatal injury in first stage of recovery, he cannot swap to his original soul even if it would be unhurt, so he'll die. If he'd receive such injury on the second stage of recovery, his soul would get in imbalance, randomly altering his physical and spell power, hardness, endurance and speed. (Each aspect can only become up to 10 times greater each reset. For decrease, up to 100 times weaker. Lowest power level would still make him able to do basic daily activities such as walking and eating. His muscles and bones can lose hardness as long as his human shape remains. His speed could decrease up to 1 meter per second at full speed.) In these days, he would also feel dizzy, on top of eating and sleeping a lot - 12 to 16 hours sleep a day.

Background story (Condensed version)

Laes had nothing from the very start, excepts his name. He was taken into custody to be used as experiment subject for a specific cloning experiment. He survived the final stage, making him the first survivor ever. The cloning experiment however, did not give the desired outcome, since Laes duplicated into himself and a female, which would later be called Leas.
The town leader who is responsible for the research deemed him a failure experiment and ordered his death. Laes ran, far away, with Leas, but it was only a matter of time before he got caught. Leas got shot down first. She clung on Laes, transfered her soul to him, giving him Second Soul ability. The ability was on second stage, due to the soul being transferred just recently. Laes then got shot down by the leader. He put the gun in Laes' hands to frame him for killing Leas then commiting suicide and walked away. As Leas' soul took over, Laes woke up to see an angel of death trying to collect his soul. Shocked, he shot at the angel, but angels are physically immune so it passed through it and hit the leader instead, who passed away shortly afterwards. Laes was since then declared as a murderer, and had no choice but to leave the continent.
After living years in a foreign continent, he aided uncountable amount of persons, one of them being a princess, which made him affiliated with her palace. He got offered a weapon of choice, which made him acquire Unbreakable Sword - a treasure but not really a convenient weapon for war.
Still, being a person able to see creatures such as angels generates doubt in him, and as time passed, he'd question if he was even alive, as in mythologies only the dead can see divine creatures. It is then that he met a demon who made him reflect on himself, just how important existance is.
Now, the story continues beyond humans, angels and demons, as Laes will meet and possibly face other races and creatures.
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