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Hazuashi Pillar  and Karrasu Otonta Empty Hazuashi Pillar and Karrasu Otonta

on Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:42 am
Hazuashi Pillar  and Karrasu Otonta Img_3710

Name: Hazukashi Pillar

Nickname/Title: Peak Ideal

Age: 17

Gender: male (original) girl (current)

Sexuality: straight (as a guy)

occupation: hero

species: human

personality: Childish and egocentric, Hazuashi is rude 90% of the time and his times of kindness or politeness are usually his ability´s downside acting up. The way he was teased his whole childhood allowed him to develop a strong superiority complex and he likes to boss people around at every opportunity. However, he is hardworking and dedicated in everything he does. He works as a hero for attention, always striving to be as flashy as possible, and he saves people as a way to earn their respect, which he associates with having some authority over them. However, he is true to himself and to his ideals. He always strives to meet the standards he sets for himself and he does not give in to trickery or adversity, seeing offers of power as just being treated to fraction of authority from someone else, surrendering himself to it. Instead, he seeks to dominate things himself.

likes: control, feeling superior, attention, candy, plushes, comics, cute things

dislikes: being teased, bunnies, his ability´s price, candy, plushes, cute things

fears: death, the dark, thunder

Bio: Hazukahi was born to two loving middle class parents. His ability manifested from an early age, immediately incorporating into himself anything he felt was embarassing. It wasn´t too prevalent though, as his parents had such care for him that he rarely felt too embarassed in his infancy. Trouble started, though, when he first used his ideal self, by accident, transforming into the shape of his father, whom he admired the most. This resulted in a complete confusion among his family, and in time, led to the divorce of his parents. Suddenly, Hazuashi found himself with only the attention of his classmates. At first they kind, bt starting from late kindergarten, he was being bullied. After all, he was unable to leave any habits he found embarassing. The real bullet, was the time a prank by some colleages traded his clothes with those of a girl, which put an idea into his head that caused him to transform into the other gender.
He somehow managed to prove who he was to his own mother, who got him a tutor for homeschooling. The resentment grew in Hazukashi, however. In his early teens, he was a complete punk, the best he managed. However, he did make one friend from old, whose power he used to gift Hazukashi with a particular machine...which immediately failed. Hazukashi had the idea of creating what would be her future armored robot there, however.

powers/abilities: *Childhood dream- by remaining in a form and mentality that embodies his embarassment, he accumulates power depending on how embarassed he is. Fulfilling the wishes of other also allows him to garner more power. This power can be used as a boost to his abilities, but it can also be stored to be liberated in one large amount, temporarily transforming him into his ideal self.
Example: a sneak peak at his breasts would provide enough embarassement to fuel 10 seconds of super strength sufficient to punch back a person several meters in a straight line. However, said super strength is not the only way to use the garnered power, which only becomes something concrete upon use. If used in the ideal form, the power can even become a different ability, provided there is a fundamental understanding of how it works.

*naming comic book heroes and villans
*understands science easily

items: HASDI (heavy armor suit destruction ideal)- a powerful combat suit of extreme weight, resistance, and even several types of ammunity and weaponry.
other: his current embarassement form is a little girl with bunny ears.

other: arch-nemesis of Karrasu Otonta

Hazuashi Pillar  and Karrasu Otonta Img_3410

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Hazuashi Pillar  and Karrasu Otonta Empty Re: Hazuashi Pillar and Karrasu Otonta

on Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:14 pm
Hazuashi Pillar  and Karrasu Otonta Img_3711

Name: Karrasu Otonta / Christina Rose

Villain Name: Father Shadow / Deadly Thorn

Age: 31

Gender: male/ female

Sexuality: assexual / straight

Occupation: Villain

Personality: He is a cunning and methodic villan, someone hellbent on survival who won´t be swayed by any form of morality or rules. The reason for this is his desire to break his wife free from imprinsonment. He has a deep care for families, even if he´ll still use them, as anyone, for his plans. However, he generaly won´t kill anyone that has a family or is part of one, unless he is driven out of need. He can easily leave and re-enter the spotlight at a moment´s notice.

Likes: fish, sculpting, when a plan comes into fruition, families

Dislikes: attention, police, laws, mindless killers

Fears: losing his wife, death

*Possession Shade- he can release a shadowy mist from his body that carries his mind into objects or people. The mist can be split into several parts at will to control multiple things at once, however, each part can only control something of roughly the same size or shape. The shadow of the controlled thing is replaced with the shadow of the original body of the controller while the control is in effect.  
*cuteness induction- anyone who looks into her eyes or touches her will be overwhelming with a sensation that she is the cutest thing they have ever seen. With some, adjustements to their mental visualization of how she looks will be made.

*crowd and personal manipulation
*fishing and cooking fish


Other: arch-nemesis of Hazuashi Pillar

Hazuashi Pillar  and Karrasu Otonta Img_3712
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