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on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:47 pm
Hi! In this topic, i'll drop a few suggestions, but also bring some problems to light.

A Question And Answer section is pretty compulsory for any forum. So i highly suggest adding one.

While it is not yet available, i will take the freedom to ask some very specific questions to administrator Iudex which is also somewhat another suggestion.

The forum has been pretty inactive last times. Today was an exception; there have been a fair amount of activity. For me, the problem in activity is that there are some minimum requirements, which we do not have.
To give a broad explanation, in order to have an active forum, we need a threshold amount of activity, so that threshold amount could flourish into something even greater. This generally also requires a threshold amount of members. And to be honest, we have neither.
i'll use an example from another forum i was asked to bring activity level up. There is a spam thread where people simply count, and sometimes add other informations whether relevant or irrelevant to the number in question. Basically, whether i post or not becomes irrelevant if no one else posts. This shows that activity is more of a collective thing, and we need to unite and collectively strive for an active forum.
This is crucial for our forum, we need more active members before i can be of help. Many topics have just stalled out. i do think of new ideas for new topics but most of them will stall out soon after being posted.
This is also part of my assignment, to find new members, possibly devoted ones. But this is not an easy job. How to advertise? Well, i could just mass advertise, join Discord servers, direct message a dozen of people the forum link, then get banned. This is in general not in accordance with my beliefs, to play the villain for the sake of a mission, so i do not do it. i look for honorous ways, but this is extremely hard to fulfill, and generally also time consuming. i'll also be sending You a private message concerning this matter.
What we need is some guide. Things have stalled out for the last month or two. What should be our next move? Should we rebuild the Discord server? It could help us acquire new members much faster. We could also just join another roleplay community and be loyal to them and earn our position. This has failed previously, but there are many good people out there and we just need to choose the right persons. Or should we just continue on this fashion, doing it slowly but steadily? This is not a bad idea either, but as i said, i cannot be of much help at this current state. So there is loss of potential, and i bet in most members of this community, if not all, not only me.

As a reminder and summary, the forum should have a Q&A section. We also need a bit more guidance and we'd appreciate some plans for the future.

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on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:34 pm
We will take this into consideration when all the staff are available to talk, thank you for your suggestion
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on Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:46 am
As a person who runs a forum of over 30,000 posts, I believe I know what it takes to run an active forum.

A Questions and Answers section is not compulsory for any forum. There is no universal law that says 'you must have a questions and answers' section. If the administrators (I'm just a part-timer here) believe it's necessary, then a section can be added.

Administrators are not wholly responsible for forum activity - that responsibility should be shared between staff and members. Start threads. Engage. You do not have to wait for the administrators to create threads for you to reply to.

We have a spam section. Problem is no one else is posting and creating threads. That responsibility does not wholly rely on the administrators.

What is important is making members feel welcome. Make them feel like their words mean something. You have to work on retaining loyal members first before reaching out to a bigger audience. I think the main focus should be filling out each section before expanding. If everyone can make ten posts a week (let's start small first), then we'll have something to work with.
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