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Linguistic Deviation Empty Linguistic Deviation

on Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:27 pm
We are taught how to talk, how to act, and even how to walk. A man should walk like this and a lady should dress like that. You should write in this fashion and behave in that fashion.

Reflecting on linguistic ideas and principles, i often find meaning in its related culture. But not always do i agree with their ways, and in some cases i would go to the extent of being grammatically wrong to be principally true to myself.

An example is that i always write personal pronouns in minuscule letters, even when "yelling", and a capital letter for my adjacent interlocutor pronoun. Some people notice this and the replies differ; Some would try to drag me back to correct grammar, others would wonder why i'd look up to them, while a few try to grasp the meaning of such principles and would reflect on our society's hierarchy. Though i must say, historically, it arose from a small error in my judgement which i have not yet succeeded to apologize for.

What about You? Do You have any linguistic deviation? And is there any reason for or behind it?
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