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Roleplay Character - Raiven Darktower  Empty Roleplay Character - Raiven Darktower

on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:34 pm
Raiven Darktower
Roleplay Character - Raiven Darktower  Raiven_elec1_by_iudexmortem-daqj19k
"I'm here to cause a storm of cuteness so you better look my way"
Popular ☆ Excitable ☆ Attention-Seeking ☆ Candy Addict.

Raiven Louise Alessetria Darktower, Lightning Elemental Witch and Trombonist. Raiven is best described as a candy-charged whirlwind of excitability and cuteness (At least in her opinion, whether others find her cute is debatable). Her Lightning abilities revolve around storms and directing lightning bolts . However, Raiven does not have the best control of her abilities and is liable to either overcharge herself or completely run out of electricity. One of Raiven's main quirks is the fact that she always has a lollipop on her, usually strawberry or blackcurrant flavour.

Her trombone playing is best described as slow and unsteady until she knows the piece of music she is playing.  However, despite her initial faltering during practice Raiven often comes through during concerts with a beautifully played piece. She prefers to play pieces from films and video games as they interest her more.

Raiven has soft chocolate brown hair with a few pale gold streaks. Her hairstyle is a smart bob that reaches the back of her neck with two longer strands that frame the front of her face. Her eyes are a rich sapphire blue than spark and twinkle when she uses her lightning powers in small amounts. However, when she uses her lightning powers in larger amounts they glow with a soft sapphire hue.

When in casual wear Raiven often wears purple, with her favourite item of clothing being her purple dress that she layers with her puffy sleeved white top (See above image). For shoes, Raiven exclusively wears her white Mary Jane styled shoes.
In formal wear Raiven wears a shimmering silver dress that has a halter neck to emphasise her neck, she often pairs this dress with a pair of simple black heels and a pale shrug

Raiven originated in the Dark Souls fandom as a non-canonical younger sister to Raime the Fume Knight (Dark Souls 2), as such her apperance is based off what I imagine his apperance to be.
Originally I designed Raiven to wield a greatsword like her brother but after careful consideration on how it was best to differentiate her from her brother I gave her a Lightning Infused Alonne Greatbow.

Now for her actual backstory...

Raiven is seven years younger than her brother, both were born in a village in the mountains near Drangleic. At a very early age, Raiven developed an obsession with mountain birds, often watching them from her bedroom when she awoke in the early morning. Her parents, Sasha and Arlane Darktower both died when The Rotten attacked their village. Raiven was five years old at the time.

TBA once I work out the different headcanons I have roleplayed her in

Arcus Knight
Arcus Knight is Raiven's boyfriend and classmate at Sakura Academy for Elemental Witches. The two of them became close friends early on in their academy days due to the fact that they are both Lightning elementals. Shortly after they arrived back at their academy for their third and final year Arcus took Raiven aside to confess his feelings at the buffet. As a sign of their love for each other Raiven and Arcus combined their powers, it was this act that gave Raiven her golden streaks. In exchange, Arcus developed sapphire blue specks in his eyes
Arcus is often the unfortunate victim of Raiven's brother Raime dumping his little sister back onto her brother, he doesn't really mind as he loves cuddling up to his girlfriend. He's the only person who can survive one of her mass discharges without being slightly sizzled.

Raime is Raiven's older brother. She adores her older brother to the point of constantly hanging onto his leg and forcing him to drag her around after him. Raime finds this behaviour adorable but annoying, especially when he wants to spend time with his boyfriend. In an attempt to escape her constant clinging to him Raime will often pry her off and deposit her on top of Arcus
At 24 Raime is more knowledgeable in many topics than his 17-year-old sister but she doesn't often believe him due to his goofy habits around her. Despite him not acting like the 24 year old he is around her, Raime cares deeply for his sister and would do a lot to protect her.

Shiz is the best friend and partner in crime of Raiven. The two girls met through their older brothers who are incidentally boyfriends. Initially they were not that close but they eventually grew to enjoy each others company and now they enjoy annoying their respective brothers together.
One of their main past times is pulling fantastic and elaborate pranks on their siblings. Together they will often plan a prank for weeks, making sure it is airtight before they put it into action

Raiven's twin brother, Alexander has a deep connection to his twin sister being able to sense her moods and mental state when he's close.
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