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Road To Virtue Empty Road To Virtue

on Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:16 pm
Hi, i am...

Normally i would not do an introduction, but since requested..

i think most people would describe me as mysterious. Some would use the term "different", others would use "strange" or "special". i think they all converge to mean the same thing, that is, to emphasize the distance between me and what would be called "normal". It is only due to this distance in a negative tone that i realized how great it is to just be normal - a state i can never reach.

So what state could i take? Or what state should i try to reach? Virtue seems a plausible answer, be it natural virtue or virtue in the strict sense. Nobody could ever question the purity of kindness which warms the heart in such a soft and lovely manner, comprehensible only for some minds yet never reaching the tongue. And so, my everlasting quest has started and years have passed. So where am i now? How far am i to become a Hero?

Forum, huh? i am registered in two others, and both are also linked to Discord. One i regularily check, almost daily if not multiple times a day. It resolves around a private server for a game which closed a couple of years ago. What do i do? i am a donator there, and got access to the server. While i do play and try to give others a blast in Player Vs Player, i was also heavily implicated in testing, although i am not an official tester, until i got into a conflict after another with the staffs. Now, i try to resonate with their ways, which sadly made me less active. On that forum, i usually welcome people, show them around, help donators set the game and take part of serious discussions like suggestions and events. In the second forum, i did not do much. i mostly visited it to check news announced through the Discord chat. i got promoted and received a staff position, and i was ordered to join the IPB.Chat on the forums. i managed to raise the chat up to four people! Shortly afterwards, everything went downhill, for both me and the forums. i ended up getting banned from the Discord server, and since then said goodbye. In the first forum, Discord chat was more of an extention to the forum, while in the latter, it was the main base.

That aura exhibiting lights, that beauty in both movement and speech, that speed in comprehending the hints, that stone of moral, that is virtue, not this.

Time means secrets. Another person is another conflict. Thought is a free ticket to a maze. A new challenge adds a lonely road. Why is it so complicated when it should be so simple? i guess i do not yet see the end of my road, but i hope that someday i'll make it!

As such, i am.. A human from planet Earth. i breath oxygen and release carbondioxides, eat food and drink water, cry and laugh, sleep and wake up, live and die. i am Saana, nice to meet You!
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Road To Virtue Empty Re: Road To Virtue

on Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:28 pm
Best introduction ever Saana!
Welcome to Roleplay Palace, home to the craziest community this side of insanity.

We hope you enjoy the forum and stay around for a long time.

~ A fellow human being from planet earth
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