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Official Forum Rules  Empty Official Forum Rules

on Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:39 pm
1. No Drama, we're making this a place where everyone can get along.
2. If there is an issue, PM the admins or moderators. We'll try to straighten things out.
3. If there is a request, use the "Suggestions" section to bring it to the staff's attention
4. Do not ask for staff. A staff position is earned through good behaviour and hard work.
5. Be civil, this includes not using hate speech, bullying etc.
6. Obey staff's instructions and do not "backchat" their decisions. They are telling you this for a reason.
7. No 18+ content on the forums. This includes Signatures, avatars and About Me sections.
8. No alternate accounts.
9. No Spam on the forums apart from the dedicated spam section.
10. No advertising on the forums or Discord chat. This includes signatures, about me's, posts, avatars etc.

Please be aware that the forum Administrators can update these rules at any time without notice.
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